Metalwork in RAL 7035 IP 65 sheet metalGeneral disconnector with door interlockThree-phase power supply 400V 50/60 HzPowers up to 7.5 kW.Transformer for 24 Vac auxiliary circuit
Primary and secondary protection fuses
Contactors for starting motors
Motor protections with magne totermic motor protectors
Compressor switch-off daily clock
MAN-0-AUT control selectors, pumps running
MAN-0-AUT selector, compressor running
Electronic pump alternation relay
Parallel running pumps
Voltage presence indicator
Running and engine failure warning lights
No water warning light, dry running
Alarm silence button
Terminals for connection of 4 pressure switches:
Pressure switch for pump running
Pressure switch for pump stop
Pressure switch for parallel operation
Low water pressure switch, dry running
Clamps for autoclave level floats
Clamps for pre-autoclave level floats
Operating temperature -5 / + 40 ° C
Pressure switches and floats not supplied


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